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Smile to the Future (information in English)

Smile to the FutureWorking every day in the heart of Maastricht and interacting with local organizations and foreign students has made us aware of a niche that we would like to fill.

We have realized that most of our peers are willing to interact with local people and contribute to the city, but they are just not sure how to do it. At the same time, NGOs and other institutions are frequently coming into our office to tell us that they are looking for volunteers and that they do not know how to find them.

How is it possible that this lack of communication occurs? -> We aim to, on the one hand, give students the opportunity to be socially engaged and find fulfilling volunteer opportunities and, on the other hand, to assist institutions in finding the right volunteers.

Organization Description: Smile to the future
In the context of poverty reduction and to help combat impotence, Smile to the Future creates an environment for young people in which they can flourish and to express their talents and their input which will give them a better future. We establish all kinds of concrete projects in poorer countries, by and for young people.

Event Description:
Mind Your Business is a workshop specifically designed for young entrepreneurs  from Maastricht. Many young people have a lot of talent and many good ideas  however, at the start of exploring the ideas, they are faced with many challenges which leads them to drop out prematurely.We would like to offer them the opportunity to guide them through these challenges and to give them the support they need in order to achieve their goals.

Starting from now until the end of November 2013.
Takes between 8 till 12 hours per week.

There are several positions available.

  • Social Media: Responsible for updating the Facebook page, Twitter, replying to E-mails and keeping the website updated.
  • Sponsorship: People who will contact companies and individuals for sponsorship purposes. They need to have good communication and marketing skills.
  • Logistics: People responsible for technical support during the event.
  • Speaker buddies: People who are responsible for meeting the needs of the speakers (guest relations).
  • Speaker Pick up and Drop off: People who are responsible for picking the speakers up from the station and dropping them off. They need to own a car

If you would like to sign up for volunteering at Smile to the Future, please send an e-mail to

Note: The service is free of charge, and Jules & You membership is NOT required for volunteers.

For more information about Smile to the Future, please visit the website.

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